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Minecraft/Game Server
CPU: AMD® Ryzen™️ 3800X 4.50Ghz
RAM: 1GB to 20GB (DDR4)
STORAGE: Unlimited SSD (10GB Trial)
DDOS: 1TBps Attack Filtering
No CPU Throttling
All Plans
Cloud VPS
CPU: Intel®️ Xeon™️ E5
RAM: Up to 32GB
DDOS: Basic Filtering Included
Unlimited Transfer
All Plans
Web Hosting
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited Email Addresses
Unlimited MySQL Databases
TRANSFER: 1TB to Unlimited
All Plans

Why 413 is the best number

All 4 Cores.

Our Minecraft plans have no throttling or limits on CPU cores, and include unlimited storage. See our Acceptible Use Policy. Never worry about going over limits again.

1 Fast Support Team.

Our Support Team responds in 10 minutes or less. We'll even fix plugin issues for you.

3 Steps - Order, Pay, Set up.

No hidden fees. Want to extend your server's functionality? Need an open port? We won't add it to your bill.

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Sys413 is an amazing host. Back when my network was there, downtime was minimal and performance was excellent. They always go the extra mile to help if something isn’t working right.

- Zenya4 // ham5teak.xyz
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Those who want to host a Hardcore Factions server should have very good DDoS protection.

- StarDan90 // Server Owner
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Prices are low enough that even me,a student without a job can afford one and they have plenty of experience at server hosting so they basically know everything.

- Mercury // Server Owner
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:) got me a good server to make some chaos

- Elsker_Kraken // Server Owner